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Free Youth Songwriting Program

Check out the AMAZING song our youth songwriters created!!

Investing in Children has just wrapped up their pilot Youth Songwriting Program for secondary school musicians.
This FREE program ran weekly at Family Centre Fox Hollow. The students made amazing progress and created a song entitled Alone In My Head. You can listen to the track above!

In January, Investing In Children announced the piloting of a new program, the “Free Youth Song Writing Program”. The musicians met for about 1.5 hours, over approximately 8 weeks, at London’s Fox Hollow Family Centre. The participants – ranging in age from 11 – 15 – have varying levels of musical knowledge. Some played keyboards, Ukelele, guitar, and most sang.

The sessions were led by two stellar London musicians and songwriters, Saveria D’Ippolito (who recently was chosen on  an episode of CTV’s “The Launch”), and Cameron Jericho, who recently released an AP on Spotify.

Saveria and Cam worked as instructors teaching the students the craft of song writing, musical nuances, and both instrumental and  vocal techniques. They also facilitated the creation of a theme for the student’s song, and the building of lyrics, verse and chorus.

It is very interesting to note that the creation of the lyrics adopted a theme of a person (possibly a student) who is struggling with mental health (such as depression), possibly as a result of bullying, a relationship issue, or being excluded from a group. The song begins with a metaphor; “There’s snow in my summer”. The positive growth of the theme extends through the second verse (“Now the sun’s rising up to shine through”), and then concludes with a bright key change, (continuing with the metaphor of changing weather), illustrating how the person is beginning to experience a new outlook, attitude, positive mindset, and looking forward to her/his future; “Brighter days for you and me”!

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