Book Camp London

Book Camp London

Registration is now open for
Book Camp London 2019!
It will run August 12th to 16th from 9:00-3:30 (drop off starts at 8:30, pick up by 4:00) at the Central Branch of the London Public Library.

Spaces are limited so be sure to registration online by clicking on the 2019 BOOK CAMP REGISTRATION button below to reserve your spot!

Book Camp London offers fun and creative workshops over five days for children ages 10-15. The camp, inspired by similar ventures in other communities, connects children to professionals in the world of children’s literature.

Authors, illustrators and other experts educate, motivate and mentor the campers. The students' writing and illustrating skills are developed, their knowledge of careers in literature increases and they continue to develop an interest in learning opportunities outside the formal classroom. For more information please contact Sarah at


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“My favorite part of Book Camp was all the friends that I made through our shared love of books and the positivity that came from it.” - Book Camper

“My favorite part of Book Camp was the authors talking about what they see as the most important concepts in writing. Their different ideas help develop my writing.” - Book Camper

“My favorite part is that everyone got to experience different ways of expressing themselves through either illustrating or writing.” - Book Camper

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Book Camp London 2018 was a huge success!

We really enjoyed hearing from our keynote speaker, Newbery Medal-winning Christopher Paul Curtis! He was phenomenal!
Some of the other amazing authors that provided workshops were Judy Ann Sadler, Leslie Grant,  Brian McLachlan,  Casey Lyall and Heather Smith! It was definately an exciting week!

This year we partnered with  Exodus Escape Rooms and had fun-filled trip to their escape rooms. It was such a great way for the campers to use their creativity and work through the stories of the rooms. The campers also got a behind the scenes tour of Corus Radio and London Public Library. Now, they have a lot of insights into the myriad of ways writing can be used in different ways!

Book Camp London 2017

Book Camp London 2017 was held August 14th to 18th at the Central Branch of the London Public Library.The campers workshops by seven authors, a trip to Museum London, a scavenger hunt, games and more!

Book Camp London 2016

Book Camp London 2016 was held August 8th to 12th at the Central Branch of the London Public Library.

The campers enjoyed workshops presented by published authors, a library scavenger hunt, performing play excerpts, creating friendships, working on their writing and art pieces, a field trip to Museum London and much more.

A lot of fun was had and many campers at the end of the week were saying that they could hardly wait until next year's camp!