Laundromat Literacy

Laundromat Literacy

The Laundromat is a great location for families to talk together. 

As we know, laundry can be a daunting task; in addition of the pile of clothes to wash, dry, sort and fold it seems almost impossible to keep your children entertained.  Investing in Children, in partnership with the Child & Youth Network, has created a conversation card to help promote meaningful discussion while you do your laundry. 

Along with the cards, laundry baskets of books are available with titles suitable for all ages which have been provided by the Healthy Kids Community Challenge to encourage children to run, jump, and play every day. The idea is not to add another chore to the list, but to promote the use of 2000 words an hour in the easiest way possible, by simply talking to your child.

Here are some conversation starters/activities that we have put together to encourage positive communication with your child: 

-Sort clothes by colour
-Play the alphabet game: Do you see the letter ‘A’ on this shirt? 
-Talk about your day: What was the best part of your day today?  

-Measure the soap together
-Ask what if: We put in too much soap? Too many clothes? A red shirt with white clothes? 
-Play a game of I-spy: I spy a blue shirt    

-Count the number of pants, shirts and socks as you put them into the dryer
-Read a book or sing a song while you wait
-Play a game: I hear with my little ear, something that rhymes with...

-Play a game of peek-a-boo with an item of clothing
-Make a game out of matching the socks
-Have fun with a texture. Feel the difference between a towel and a pair of jeans

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