Investing in Children Blog

Who doesn't love to hear stories about kindness and generosity?

Isn't it great to know that there are those out there who want to help children and families in their communities? 

That there are groups, business, and organizations that make a deliberate choice to give back to their communities by supporting local charities?

Here at Investing in Children, we are extremely lucky and thankful to have amazing partners who support us on a continual basis. Recently, we have been pleasantly surprised to be selected as a charity of choice by other people and organizations who became aware of Investing in Children when researching programs that help children and families in this community. And we were thrilled!

Our first instance, was when Nando's opened a new restaurant in Masonville Place in December and chose Investing in Children as its charity of choice. Krista McLay, Manger, Brand & Communications Strategy reached out to us to offer her company's support. Krista, from her office in Mississauga, found Investing in Children's website and saw the work we did and the programs we offered. She must have been impressed with what she saw because she then got in touch with us.
You see, Nando's always picks a charity to support at their opening. They use the opening of a new restaurant not only to showcase their new digs and their outstanding food but to help the community in which they are opening their new restaurants. “At Nando’s we take great pride in giving opportunity in every way we can. It was important to us to find a great organization in the London area for our opening and Investing in Children was just that. We are passionate about making a difference and this was a perfect opportunity," said Nick Siannas, Nando's Patrao (General Manager) for London.
It was amazing to find out at the opening, that Nando's also does amazing work aboard. Each restaurant is uniquely designed and features beautiful works of art. All the art pieces in each restaurant are original works purchased from villagers in South Africa. The money used to purchase the art goes a long ways to help impoverished families. 
We are truly thankful to Nandos for choosing Investing in Children.

Again, we were delightfully surprised when another group, LSTAR chose to support Investing in Children's programs. Jane Graydon, Sale Representative with Royal LePage Triland Realty, recognized the value of Investing in Children has on the community. She put forward Investing in Children's name to LSTAR to do a presentation. Investing in Children was then selected as a charity of choice. We are extremely thankful for their generous donation that will be used towards our nutrition programs.

Yet another out-of-the-blue support has been offered to Investing in Children. Michelle Forshaw, executive manager with Tupperware Canada, contacted us to let us know that they would like to support Investing in Children on Friday, February 24th. Michelle and a group of about 10-13 other vendors are hosting a shopping night at Trinity United Church, 76 Doulton Street, London (which is open to the public). The vendors each donate two items to be auctioned off. The money raised from the auction sale is donated to a charity. Investing in Children is charity they selected for this event. Michelle said she was happy to  do "anything to help children!"

Investing in Children is so thankful for events and donations such as these that support organizations like ours. It is great to know that people recognize the value of smaller charities and can see how they are helping children and families right in their communities. 

The impact of events like theses on smaller charities has a very significant impact. Quite often smaller charities are competing with larger charities that have designated advertising budgets. Whereas small charities rely on no-cost promotion such as facebook, twitter and word of mouth from those that have directly benefited from the programs offered. It does make it more challenging to get the word out about all of the programs that we offer that benefit kids, so donations and support like this are VERY much appreciated. 

Again, thank you to not only these groups but also to the support of our ongoing partners and organizations that help support Investing in Children. Thank you for helping us help children!