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4 Weeks of Family Fun: Week 4

4 Weeks of Family Fun - Week 4

Welcome to Week 4!

The days are getting shorter and the wind a bit more cool. We still have one more week of summer holidays as a family though, so let’s relish every second of it.

For the final installment of 4 Weeks of Family Fun in honour of Family Fun Month, here are seven more activities the whole family can enjoy:

  1. Geocaching: Geocaching is a global scavenger hunt, where people hide geocashes (usually a waterproof container filled with small toys or trinkets and a logbook) tagged with coordinates for geocahers to find. With over 2 million geocashes hidden around the world, you will be able to take part in this fun, outdoor scavenger hunt no matter where you are.
  2. Run in the Sprinklers: Beat the heat, enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise by running through the sprinkler. Simple. Wholesome. A perfect summer memory maker.
  3. Water Guns: While we’re playing with water, grab the water guns! Try setting up disposable cups in a pyramid and take turns “squirting” them over, seeing who can knock over all of the cups the fastest.
  4. Outdoor Colour Matching: Attach some paint chips to a key ring and punch a hole in each shade. Now, take your collection of paint chips outside and have a “colour scavenger hunt,” searching for items in nature that match your colours. This is a great way to appreciate the beauty in nature while enjoying a nice summer’s day outside.
  5. Make Mega Bubbles: What kid doesn't love bubbles? And what adult doesn't love mega bubbles?! Perfect for a humid, overcast day with no wind, you only need a few ingredients to make mega bubbles: water, dish detergent, corn starch, baking powder and glycerine. Check out the full instructions here.
  6. Ice Chalk Art: Pour a mixture of half cornstarch and half water into an ice tray or popsicle mould, using food colouring or Kool-Aid to make different shades of ice chalk. Pop in the freezer for a few hours, then head outside to enjoy this sensory art activity, perfect for a hot August day.

    And finally...
  7. Unplug: Put down the cellphone, turn off the TV, close the laptop and shutdown the desktop. Click off the iPad, pull out the ear buds, put away the e-reader and sign out of Facebook. All too often, we are so distracted by technology that we fail to notice what is going on right in front of us. We miss out on the little moments of happiness, the moments that can only be appreciated when you are engaged, mindful and present. Let your children know that you are there for them. That they are important and worthy of your attention. That your time together is more important than whatever the screen in front of you is displaying. Our summers are limited, our time is limited, so unplug and be there. No one will regret spending more quality time with their family. That’s a promise.