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All about Avocado!


Do you know that there are huge number of avocado varieties out there?

Avocados, which belongs to the species group of Persea Americana, actually has over 50 different commercial varieties!

These different varieties are often categorized into three basic types: West Indian avocados, Guatemalan avocados, and Mexican avocados. As you can probably tell by their names, they are categorized according to their place of origin. Avocados originated in West India, Guatemala, Mexico, or Central and South America. However, due to the hybridization, crosslinking, and normal avocado cultivation, it becomes difficult to classify into one of these categories. Fuerte is an example of an avocado variety that is Mexican-Guatemalan cross. The most popular variety of avocados is Hass avocado.

In the fruit category, avocados are quite unique in comparison to other fruits. While most fruits contain mostly carbohydrate and very little fat, avocado actually contains a very high healthy fat content. Because of its great nutritive value, and its unique flavour and rich texture, avocados are very popular amongst health conscious individuals and are incorporated into many different dishes!