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Tips for Cooking Broccoli


When preparing Broccoli for cooking, you should always rinse your broccoli under cold running water first. Then it can be cut into small pieces so it is easier to cook. The stem and florets of a broccoli provide different flavours, therefore it is a good idea to include both parts in your dish.

In fact, different cooking methods can have different impacts on the nutrition content of broccoli. For instance, glucosinolate retention seems to be the best with steaming for a shorter time, while antioxidant capacity is the best at 5-10 minutes of steaming. Vitamin C levels in broccoli appear to be the best when using a pressure cooker. Microwave cooking is also preferred over steaming when trying to achieve maximum Vitamin C retention.

If you wish to stir-fry your broccoli, a lower heat skillet at approximately 250°F/121°C with a shorter cooking time of 3 minutes or less is recommended. Broccoli can also be eaten raw. It just requires a longer chewing time than cooked broccoli, but it can be a great snack!