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Preparation and Serving Methods for Butternut Squash


Some squash varieties are generally subjected to insecticide powder or spray. Therefore, make sure to wash them thoroughly in running water in order to remove dirt and any residual insecticides/fungicides.

Whenever possible, buy long neck butternut squash as it contains more meat and fewer hollow cavities and seeds. Cut the stem and slice the whole fruit into two equal halves. Remove the central net-like structure and set the seeds aside. Then cut into desired sizes. In general, wedges/small cubes are used in cooking preparations. Almost all of the squash; meat, leaves, flowers and seeds are edible.

Here are some serving tips. Butternut squash has a pleasant nutty flavour and mildly sweet taste. Fresh raw butternut squash cuts may add a special tang to vegetable salads.  It is a favorite in both savory as well as sweet dished. It can be used in a variety of delicious recipes as baked, stuffed, or stew-fried; however, it is best to steam it in order to retain the maximum nutrients.