Apples for the Teacher

How do you like those apples?


What should an everyday consumer look for when faced with rows upon rows of apples?
Is there a correlation between an apple's appearance and its flavour?
How do we know if it’s best for baking or eating? 

Seek out premium apples. Look for apples that are uniform in size – the big bins of randomly seized and lopsided apples are not premium grade. Value-priced, lopsided apples are what you buy for making applesauce. Another tip is to look at the apple from the bottom side up and check the calyx. It’s the star shape on the bottom. It needs to be symmetrical and even. Even premium apples will have a calyx and will stand up on its own without toppling over. Finally colour is part of the grading criteria in premium apples.


Top 5 Apple Varieties

1.     Gala- Versatile, good for eating out of hand, salads, baking and freezing.

2.     Red Delicious -  Mildly sweet for eating out of hand or salads.

3.     Golden Delicious - Sweet and softer flesh, very versatile, often preferred by bakers because the skin is so tender it does not always have to be peeled.

4.     Granny Smith - Tart and tangy, very versatile and freezes well.

5.     Fuji -  Sweet and juicy, very versatile, an excellent choice for eating fresh or in salads because it is so juicy.