Apples for the Teacher

Apple Care and Handling


  •  Apples bruise very easily and should be handled the same way you would an egg.
  • Look for firm apples that are well shaped and have smooth skin that is free of wrinkles and bruises. Brown-ish freckled areas do not affect flavour.
  • Store apples in a perforated plastic bag. Cold humid storage ensures that apples maintain their crispness, juicy texture and full flavour.
  • Remove any fruit that is overripe or has soft spots because they naturally give off ethylene gas that will cause nearby apples to ripen too quickly and spoil. Trim and use these apples for pies or applesauce. The ethylene gas emitted by apples can also speed up ripening in most produce so store apples separately from other fruits and vegetables.
  • To prevent browning when preparing apples, sprinkle cut surfaces with lemon juice.