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Mother's Day Masterpiece Vases

finished jars.jpg

The children at the After School Program were hard at work last week on completing their Mother’s Day crafts. This year we made our moms a picture frame flower vase, using a mason jar. This craft is simple and fun. The kids had a great time designing their own mason jar.

First, we picked a shape we wanted our frame to be and taped it to the clear jar. We then spray painted our jar as a primer coat. 

beginning jar.jpg

Then the fun part, designing their own individual jars! The kids loved putting their own styles and designs on the jars for their mothers. The more colourful, the better!  We used the recommended acrylic paint. We then let the paint dry for a few hours. For a glossy finish, we spray painted the jars with a clear gloss spray paint. 

hard at work.jpg

The finished products turned out amazing! We tapped a picture of the children to the inside of the jar and added coffee filter flowers for a final touch. If you want to put real flowers add a small glass of water inside the jar.

girls with finished jars.jpg