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Price Matching for the Win!

Have you made a New Year's resolution? Maybe you want to streamline grocery shopping and save your family money. Price matching could be the answer! It's a great way to buy healthy food at an affordable price. 

Get started by searching through the weekly flyers and making a list. Bring your list and flyers to a grocery store that price matches like Superstore, Wal Mart or Fresco and they will offer you the same deal. Each store has their own policies so make sure you ask an employee before filling your cart with 100 cans of chickpeas. 

If this sounds too complicated, there are apps and websites that can do most of the work for you. Apps like Flipp help you find deals, create grocery lists and completely eliminate the need for paper flyers. 

Here are some of this week's deals found through Flipp: 

  • Strawberries ($2.44/pack) 
  • Chicken breasts ($5/pack) 
  • Pork side ribs ($2 per pound)
  • Apples ($2.88/3 pound bag) 
  • Taco kits ($2.99) 
  • Grapes ($1 per pound) 
  • Tetley herbal tea ($2) 

On average, you can save $20 a week by price matching. This really adds up throughout the year and will make healthy choices for your family more affordable. Visit Flipp or Red Flag Deals to start saving today. Happy deal hunting!