After School Program Blog

We've Been Too Busy Having Fun

This year has zoomed by! So much so that we have been too busy to keep our blog post updated. Don’t let our absence fool you though, we have plenty of incredible things in the After School Program to update you on!

One example would be our visit to the Boys and Girls Club of London. The Boys and Girls Club generously donated transportation for all of us to go and enjoy a whole class dedicated to a FREE SWIM! I tried to fool the students into thinking we were going on a trip to “Math World,” but a quick Google search by one of our students discovered that “Math World” did not exist in London! Haha! Once we arrived, we had exclusive use of the pool for half an hour (they really know how to treat us right over there!) and the students had the option to continue to swim afterward (which many of them took).

We are looking forward to returning to the Boys and Girls Club later this week. Although the swimming was a lot of fun, there are many other great areas to explore, like a computer lab, ball pit, craft room and more! We will definitely be taking advantage of some of the other wonderful things the Boys and Girls Club has to offer!

This month we also had a fun trip to Bowlerama on Thompson. I was able to get a whopping 100 point in our 5 pin game and was easily surpassed by many of the students. Our highest score was 145, wow! While we were there, we enjoyed a light healthy snack, and some relaxing and chatting with friends between frames. Everyone enjoyed their time there, and I think that Bowlerama on Thompson may see some familiar faces throughout the summer as a result!

You can expect another post before the end of the school year, after which we will be on hiatus until the next school year. See you next month! 

Parent Tip: Over the summer, students often visit relatives, have sleepovers, go camping and a variety of other fun activities that, in some circumstances, you may not be present for... or even invited to! Haha! Be sure that your child has been provided with the necessary information in the event of an emergency, like ensuring that your child knows his or her own address, an emergency contact phone number, their own allergies and current medications, and how to contact 9-1-1. You never know when an accident could happen and it is best to prepare beforehand! Have a safe and fun summer!