After School Program Blog

Showing the Love

Holly Painter, the incredibly talented slam poetry champ, stopped by to share her spoken word poetry. She helped the kids write and present their own poems, while making sure they "showed the love" for everyone's creativity. 

Investing's own Denise Ritchie visited the program to teach us how to make sushi. The kids carefully chopped, rolled and ATE vegetarian and teriyaki chicken sushi. They were even able to take some leftovers home for their families! 

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the students made Mexican jumping beans out of paper and clothes pins and took their creations to the gym for a race! Then they made giant, festive tissue paper flowers that happened to also look great as headpieces.  

The kids were thrilled to learn some basic karate skills from Larry Bowlby at London Shito Khan Karate and look forward to his second visit this month.