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Eye Candy Popper

Gabrielle from Eye Candy Popper visited the After School Program two Mondays in a row for some organic baking lessons. Gabrielle talked about the benefits of eating organic, being more open to trying new foods and how to switch out ingredients in recipes to make them healthier. 

We made banana-chocolate chip muffins with whole spelt, whole wheat and buckwheat flours. Whole sugar replaced white sugar and we even cut back on the amount. Rice/almond milk was used instead of dairy and olive oil in place of canola or vegetable oil. Sugar-filled milk chocolate chips were replaced with dark chocolate chips and a few of the students made their muffins vegan by substituting eggs with chia seeds. Although many of the kids had never heard of some of these new ingredients, the final results were a hit! 

Visit Gabrielle's blog for more healthy, organic recipes.