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We've been cooking up a storm!

The Princess Elizabeth ASP has been cooking up a storm!


This month we introduced a weekly cooking activity into our schedule. Chris and Nicole very quickly witnessed a group of budding chefs, as cooking became many of the students favourite part of the program.

We started off with a simple pasta and vegetable sauce recipe. This gave the students an opportunity to practice their knife skills and learn about working together as a team in the kitchen. By the end of the month, we were trying new foods, learning about where food comes from and the importance of making healthy food decisions. Our tastiest (and most adventurous!) recipe was black bean tofu wraps. The students loved them, and this gave us an opportunity to learn about different protein sources.

The students have been keeping a collection of their favourite recipes, and many of them plan to apply their new kitchen skills at home.

Andrew Fleet from Growing Chefs also stopped by for a visit. Andrew generously donated his time and led the group for two organic cooking demonstrations.

Due to the Holiday break, December will be a shortened program month for the After School Program. This hasn’t stopped us from planning a jam-packed month of fun activities for the students, though! December will begin with a special visit from a returning favourite - slam poet Holly Painter - and we will end with a holiday party and few very special surprises for the students. Stay tuned!