After School Program Blog

Welcome Back!

Our After School Program had their first day back to the program on Monday, January 13th, 2014. The students happily welcomed their new Program Coordinator, Debbie and reconnected with their program leaders in the gym with some fun ice breakers thanks to our Take A Seat Make A Friend partnership.


On Wednesday, January 15th, Debbie lead the students through some discussions and activities surrounding the topic of Put Ups vs. Put Downs  via Playful Learning. The students were very open to talking about their own experiences with bullying and even admitting at times we all have been a bully ourselves. They came up with great solutions for dealing with these situations and the importance of putting people up instead of down. Then, each student took a piece of paper and wrote their names in the center. Next, they passed them around and everyone wrote "put ups" about that person on the paper. Finally,  each student had to write one positive comment about themselves on their own paper (this was the hard part as we all have trouble saying something nice about ourselves). This was a great activity to start off the program and to focus on showing kindness towards each other. You can check out their "put ups" on their bulletin board display at Princess Elizabeth Public School.