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Derby Day at the After School Program

Yesterday (Wednesday), was Derby Day at the After School Program!


If you don't know what a demolition derby is, it basically means a sport with cars ramming into each other, To win the demolition derby your car has to be the last one operating.

Miranda, (our after school program leader) actually participates in demolition derby  as a hobby, Since Miranda participates in derby competitions, she showed us a slide show of what her derby car looked like! We even learnt a few rules on how to be a successful derby competitor. 

Next we coloured some cars and the winner of the drawing competition will win a prize! But however due to the lack of 'participators' there was no competition.

The kids colouring their cars!

The kids colouring their cars!

Next we made balloon cars! It was a very fun experiment to try! Here are some pictures of the students making the cars. 


During the 'races' we even had food you would get at a derby demolition! We had sausages on a bun! 


The winners of the Derby Race were Essence and Chelsee!! Essence came in 1st place and Chelsee came in 2nd place! Their prizes were a chocolate bar! Essence got a first pick since she came in first!

Yesterday was a fun derby day!